About Us

Above the Crowd is dedicated to helping individuals and teams perform at their maximum potential. We provide targeted expertise in the areas of individual and group coaching, leadership training, and enhancement of leadership presence. Our clients span the range of senior leaders, managers, and students pursuing advanced degrees.

We have over 125 years of combined local and international experience coaching and training leaders, high-potentials, people in transition, and teams within complex global organizations. We have a caring, authentic approach and provide constructive support which gives individuals the confidence to develop into the best possible version of themselves. Our experience includes a wide range of industries comprising healthcare/pharmaceuticals, Ag chemicals, chemical manufacturing, education, and financial services.

Our Services

Corporate Coaching

We offer numerous services for corporate entity clients. These include Transitional Consulting, Individual & Group Coaching, and Train-the-Trainer workshops.

Individual Coaching

Our clients include people in transition, students, and individuals seeking career opportunities. With years of experience in Human Resources and recruiting, we are experts in designing personal strategies for job seekers and those looking for the next step.


We offer recruiting services for corporate clients as well as job-seekers. We evaluate all candidates holistically, matching the needs and personalities of corporations and individuals, and deliver applicants with the desired qualifications and experience.


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