About Us

Above the Crowd partners with organizations to develop their talent. We are dedicated to helping individuals and teams perform at their maximum potential. We provide targeted expertise in the areas of leadership development, training, coaching, presentation skills, speaking skills, and team building. We work with entry level leaders through the executive level, high-potentials and people in transition. Our clients range from global corporations to local businesses.

We have over 125 years of combined local and international experience coaching and developing leaders, including high-potentials, and improving teams within complex global organizations. We have a caring, authentic approach and provide constructive support to give individuals and teams the confidence to develop into the best possible version of themselves. Our experience includes a wide range of industries comprising healthcare/pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, education, and financial services.

Above the Crowd is an authorized business partner of WILEY products.

Our Services

Talent Sourcing

We offer talent sourcing services for corporate clients. We evaluate all candidates holistically, matching the needs and personalities of corporations and individuals, and deliver applicants with the desired qualifications and experience.

Professional Development

We provide training and coaching that focuses on leadership development and performance improvement. Our combined experience in Human Resources with global companies enables us to better relate to our clients and provide effective results driven professional development services.

Team Building

Maximizing the effectiveness of teams is one of the most impactful methods for improving organizational performance. We enable teams to reach higher levels of performance by first evaluating the specific needs of the team and then creating a process finely tuned to meet those needs. Our processes focus on goal alignment, role clarification, building trust & effective working relationships, and problem solving.


For more information on how Above the Crowd can provide value to you or your organization, contact us at info@abovethecrowdconsulting.com.